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ALiVEcast_2.06 - Ross Evana

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The latest ALiVE Podcast comes courtesy of Ross Evana in the week of release of his new EP on ALiVE Recordings.


1.  Acumen - 'Cotril' (Doomwork remix) (Time Has Changed)

2.  Tom Budden - 'Choco Swing' (Cdr)

3.  Ross Evana - 'Gotta Swing' (Alive Recordings)

4.  Paul C, Paolo Martini - 'Amore' (Paul's Boutique)

5.  Martin Dawson - 'What The Fuck' (Get Physical)

6.  Butch - 'Chakra' (Noir)

7.  Sergio Fernandez - 'Nefertiti' (unknown)

8.  Piek & Danny Serrano - 'Je NE Veux Plus (Siwell mix) (unknown)

9.  Leon - 'Like This Like That' (Cécille)

10. Ross Evana - 'Magic Lamp' (Alive Recordings)

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ALiVEcast_2.05 - Ryan Thompson

Leeds based Ryan Thompson delivers the latest ALiVEcast to co-incide with his new release on the label 'Road Trip'.

Simon baker -  To slow (Radio Slave panorama garage remix)

Pearson - Anunnaki

Nick Warren - In Search of Sliver (Martin Buttrich dub)

Marco Zenker - Woble

Ryan Thompson - Don't Speak

Ryan Thompson - Road Trip

Wollion - Santa Cruz (Teva remix)

Pawas - Anticipacion (James Dutton remix) 

Carlo lio - furrywallz

Mark Henning - Luck of the J

Alex Costa -  I Dont Find

Dum - Tread on

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