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ALiVEcast_2.26 - Rhadow meets NTFO

We've got a huge EP up next on ALiVE from Romanian duo, NTFO. Available 19th March on 12" Vinyl and Digital with a remix from Audiojack. They've teamed up with fellow countryman, Rhadow for the latest Podcast. // tracklisting / 1.Nhan Solo - I Wanna Be High / 2.Romulus Schwarz - At The Half Note / 3.Piek - Is Coming (Grosstone Remix) / 4.Blond:ish - Lonely Days (Hunter/Game Remix) / 5.NTFO - Policrom (Audiojack Remix) / 6.Tom Budden - Simplest Inhale (Denis Horvat Remix) / 7.Adana Twins - Strange / 8.Frank Roger - I Take You Up / 9.Alessio Mereu - Only You Know Who I Really Am (Okain Remix) / 10.Re.You - Falling feat Daniel Wilde / 11.NTFO with Rhadow - Way Down  ///

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